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Crooked Path by Kelden and Gemma Gary
Crooked Path by Kelden and Gemma Gary

Part the thorny bramble and take a walk along the bewitchingly mysterious Crooked Path. Within these pages discover a wealth of hands-on tips and techniques to begin your journey into the realm of Traditional Witchcraft. Learn to weave a powerful personal practice that is informed by folklore and grounded in your own location and natural landscape. Along the way you will find valuable information regarding the tools, rituals, and spells of this fascinating tradition, together with lessons on connecting with deities, familiar spirits, ancestors, and the spirits of place. With supportive advice and encouragement, Kelden provides everything you need to successfully navigate your own path, helping you master even advanced practices such as hedge-crossing as you transform your day-today experience into a life filled with magic and spirit.


"Kelden is adroit at navigating a tradition that has as many different beliefs and practices as it has practitioners. ... The Crooked Path is an excellent, thorough introduction to the complex practices of Traditional Witchcraft."—Foreword Reviews

"Approachable and charming, Kelden is every bit as serious and thoughtful as Traditional Witchcraft's most respected teachers, but with a youthful, down-to-earth delivery that both newcomers and old-timers will appreciate."—Thorn Mooney, author of Traditional Wicca

"Kelden teaches us how to harness the fundamental aspects of Traditional Witchcraft and mysticism. From roots and bones to moon workings and the Witch's Sabbath, this book is a treasure trove of valuable information and insight that no Traditional Witch should be without. Highly recommended."—Devin Hunter, author of The Witch's Book of Mysteries

"The Crooked Path is the book we've all been waiting for. From basic tools to crossing the hedge, Kelden has included all the knowledge a newcomer to Traditional Witchcraft could possibly need. The Crooked Path is filled with historical folklore, rituals, and exercises that will strengthen your connection with your own practice. This book is a must read for all who aspire to work with a realm beyond the physical and embrace their inner witch."— Maggie Elram, cocreator of The Traditional Witch's Deck

"Kelden has conjured forth a comprehensive introduction that meets his intentions. This is a book that is down-to-earth, clear, earnest, and clever. Some might say cunning. This is a book I will recommend to seekers of Traditional Craft as a way to explore and orient to a mysterious set of traditions and ways that are largely mysterious and otherworldly."—Gede Parma, author of Ecstatic Witchcraft

"Kelden's The Crooked Path offers a lively perspective of the principles and praxis of Traditional Witchcraft. Uniting historical information with simple and accessible instructions and recipes, The Crooked Path invites readers to tailor their Craft to the land on which they live. Kelden underscores his points with folklore from the Old World and the New, providing a book that is a valuable link in a chain that draws Traditional Witchcraft into the modern day."—Nicholas Pearson, author of Stones of the Goddess

"Kelden has succeeded in the challenging task of distilling the core elements and themes of traditional craft into an approachable and moving system. These are practices of the common people and The Crooked Path proves they can be deep and powerful without the need for inaccessible jargon. The work within is both timeless and beautifully relevant."—David Salisbury, author of The Deep Heart of Witchcraft

"The Crooked Path is a concise, approachable, yet solidly concrete guide to Traditional Witchcraft for the modern practitioner. ... Let Kelden be your guide to exploring and experiencing these mysteries, aiding you to find your own authentic Witch way with confidence."—Laura Tempest Zakroff, author of Weave the Liminal

"Drawing from many sources, Kelden offers history as well as ritual and lore geared toward assisting the reader in embarking on an authentic journey to the Witches Sabbath, and the (re)discovery of our own magical power."—Storm Faerywolf, author of Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft and Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft

"The Crooked Path is a delightful read, and my new favorite book on traditional witchcraft. ... A prime place to begin your investigations into the mysteries of traditional witchcraft."—Misha Magdalene, author of Outside the Charmed Circle

Pub Date: January 2020
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 240 pages
Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN

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