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Est. 2020 - Albuquerque, NM

Welcome to the foxes den!

Your online sanctuary for the  seekers & believers. 


 Calling all seekers, believers, healers, researchers, philosophers, scientists, and those curious about the unknown! 

The Foxes Den was founded to provide information, support, tools, and community, specializing in metaphysics and art.

COVID 19 Update From The Foxes Den

Orders coming from our East Coast Warehouse are currently caught up, however we still have limited staffing so bear with us!  We are currently working on getting more inventory to our New Mexico location to relieve some of the pressure on our warehouse folks.  In the mean time, please know that we are doing our best to give you the best service possible. We can't do this without your support. We are so grateful for you.  Should your items fall into the delay category you will receive an email from us. Please feel free to reach out at any time. You can email admin@thefoxesden.com for personal updates. 

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Hand-Woven Authentic Dreamcatchers, Ceremonial Prayer Feathers, and Elemental Shaman's Ladders

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