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Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror
Black Obsidian Scrying MirrorBlack Obsidian Scrying MirrorBlack Obsidian Scrying MirrorBlack Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Scrying: Have you ever seen a cloud take shape that makes you think of a person, place, or thing? Perhaps you saw a shape that made sense to your future, like a déjà vu! Then, you have already performed the action of Scrying by definition!

Black obsidian is also known as volcanic glass, glassy lava, and it is born speedily out of fast cooling lava that flows from a volcano. It contains elements of earth, water, and fire. Use it in your scrying practice in your quest to transcend the conscious mind, enter an individual haven, and gain knowledge from your subconscious.

These specific mirrors are sourced in Mexico, near Colima.

Chakras: 1st - Root and 6th - Third Eye

These Mirrors vary in size from quite small (3") to large (8") They are beautiful and commonly used for a variety of actions: Divination to gain glimpses of the future Chakra activation and training Contacting Spirits Battling Evil Forces - Some believe it can also be used for invocation and evocation rituals The Dr. John Dee Theater of the Mind research institute, founded by parapsychologist Raymond Moody, uses crystallomancy as a medium in which he claims to enable clients to see apparitions of the dead. Reference: https://centerforinquiry.org/blog/experiencing_the_psychomanteum/ * Stand not included


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