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Witch's Wheel of the Year by Jason Mankey
Witch's Wheel of the Year by Jason Mankey

Make Your Sabbats Joyful, Powerful, and Deeply Spiritual with 24 New, Customizable Rituals

Designed to perfectly fit your needs—whether you're a solitary practitioner or part of a group—this marvelous book will enhance your sabbat celebrations in many fun and meaningful ways. Jason Mankey provides three all-new rituals for every sabbat—one for solitaries, one for covens, and one for large gatherings. Each ritual is flexible enough for you to pick and choose the components that best suit your intentions. Explore the history and traditions of all eight sabbats and learn why and how rituals became such an important part of Witchcraft. Discover the ins and outs of ritual practice as well as guidance on planning, decorating, presenting, and adapting. Witch's Wheel of the Year is incredibly versatile for all Witches looking to enhance their craft and their connection to the sacred sabbats.



"Offers meaning-filled rituals that stir and summon your heart and spirit at the same time that it provides practical guidance on facilitating and experiencing rituals. I particularly enjoyed the way that the history, customs, and folkways of being a witch were dovetailed into the main themes of the book. It is a warm and personal book with much that is shared from Jason's practices, and that sharing is framed so as to encourage you to develop your own...a great resource to anyone who celebrates the cycles of nature."—Ivo Dominguez Jr, author of Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

"A fresh and exhilarating contribution to the literary canon of magick and witchcraft. Mankey's framework of seasonal ritual stems from the Gardner tradition and then paves the way for a new type of witchcraft while simultaneously honoring the past...Witch's Wheel of the Year can easily be used by practitioners from a variety of traditions, as its strength lies in Mankey's adept representation of the fundamental patterns of nature itself, the ultimate source of earth-based spirituality. With vast knowledge and charming wit, Mankey delivers a guidebook that every witch, wizard, and shaman should keep at their altar-side."—Daniel Moler, author of Shamanic Qabalah


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