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Wild Magic by Danu Forest
Wild Magic by Danu Forest

An Immersive Guide to Celtic Magic and the Wild Wisdom of Your Heart

This book is a storehouse of magical and spiritual lore as well as practical knowledge based on age-old Celtic traditions. Filled with hands-on exercises and deep meditations, Wild Magic will show you how to access the Otherworld and come into a profound connection with the divine in nature. Author Danu Forest explores the timeless animistic practices of the Celtic faerie faith, creating relationships with the faerie folk, green kin, the ancestors, and the spirits of the land. You will learn to call on your spirit cousins for protection, and practice magical techniques based on the elements, such as fire scrying and spells to raise the wind.

Discover the secrets of ley lines, dragon lines, faery roads, and spirit paths that will transform your life in the here and now. Work with Danu’s tips for wildcrafting and her unique recipes for making magical oils, salves, bundles, and ointments with common herbs. Drawn from authentic country wisdom and the folk traditions of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, the spells and rituals within are designed to channel your own modern wildness for the benefit of all.

Pub Date: November 2020
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 240 pages

6 x 9 x 1 IN



"Like a weaving of the winds or the many-feathered cloak of a bard, Wild Magic is an inspired blending of folk practice, mythic wisdom, and solid scholarship that draws upon the rich cultural heritage of the British Isles, Ireland, and Gaul. Informed by ancient lore, and grounded in Celtic customs by the inclusion of traditional chants, prayers, and spells, Danu Forest presents clear tools and workings that guide the modern seeker along the path to personal relationship with the land, its spirits, and the Gods and guardians of place. This work is a love letter that gathers together authentic information about what the various Celtic peoples believed and practiced, as well as an invitation to put that understanding to respectful use in order to traverse the wild and hidden places both within us and without."—Jhenah Telyndru, author of Avalon Within and The Mythic Moons of Avalon

"Danu Forest invites us on an immersive journey into the Celtic Otherworld. She has deftly interwoven both the practical and the magical, leading the reader towards an authentic alignment with the wild magic of the land itself. Through spells, exercises, guided journeys and folklore from the Celtic traditions, Forest shows us how to reclaim our connection to our own wildness and live in accordance with the spirit of place, wherever we call home. Forest has written a beautiful compendium that is especially poignant in a time when many long for a return to a meaningful sense of relationship with the wild."—Danielle Blackwood, author of The Twelve Faces of the Goddess

"Wild Magic is an invaluable compendium of old country lore that we are desperate for today, and Danu's voice brings a deep knowledge born of impeccable research and dedicated practice infused with the enticement to dance on the wild side. ... To feel embraced by Earth, to dive deep into Water, to be uplifted by Air as well as engaging in soul-stirring practices like 'how to capture the wind' or 'how to read the web' and heart-warming lore like 'the kindling prayer' and 'the Woodcutter's Song.' A practical and magical elemental map to the immanent, Wild Magic is a powerful call to bring back the flow of nature to nurture our spirits and uplift our souls. Highly, highly recommended, especially to anyone working with the cycle of the seasons. Bring back the wild! Danu shows us how."—Tiffany Lazic, author of The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year

"Wild Magic is a rich and practical compendium for working magic within the natural world."—Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries


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