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The Way of Fire and Ice by Ryan Smith
The Way of Fire and Ice by Ryan Smith



A Radical New Take On Norse Paganism

The Way of Fire and Ice reimagines Norse Paganism with mystical practices and rituals for today's world as well as tips for building community and resisting fascism. This approach to working with Norse deities and beliefs is a living, adaptable tradition, representing a strong alternative to the reconstructionist perspectives of Asatru and Heathenry.

In these pages, the old ways come alive in a radically inclusive form. You will explore the secrets of the World Tree and the mysteries of the gods, work with the many spirits around us, and feel the deep rhythms that drive all life while creating new songs of power. You will also discover how to make these practices part of your every waking moment, developing your own personal spirituality and building healthy, sustainable communities along the way.


"[Smith] explains Norse mythology, symbols, and rituals, as well as how to practice Norse paganism, in his diligent, friendly debut. ... Smith's sensible guide will enchant any reader interested in Norse mythology and paganism."—Publishers Weekly

"The Way of Fire and Ice offers a vision of an inclusive, welcoming, spiritually rich and socially responsible Norse Paganism. Written in a friendly, direct voice, this book presents a guided pathway for developing practice and community in this tradition, with much-needed and clear-headed education to help ensure a foundation in justice and positive core values."—Morpheus Ravenna, author of The Book of the Great Queen: The Many Faces of the Morrigan From Ancient Legends to Modern Devotions

"The Way of Fire and Ice is Ryan Smith's magnum opus; a declaration of how we connect with the Gods while using that fire to transform our world."—Shane Burley, author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It

"Engaging, thoughtful, and most importantly inclusive, The Way of Fire and Ice is an excellent introduction to Norse Paganism. Author Ryan Smith includes everything a newcomer needs to get started, but there's plenty here for the experienced practitioner as well. Whether you want a deeper understanding of practice, lore, or the magick of the Norse, you'll find it all in The Way of Fire and Ice. Destined to become the 'go to' book for a new generation of Norse Pagans."—Jason Mankey, author of Transformative Witchcraft and The Witch's Wheel of the Year

"With The Way of Fire and Ice Ryan Smith has crafted a highly skilled and inspiring book for the modern heathen. Unlike most previous works on this subject, Smith engages with the medieval sources in a transparent way and lets the reader make up their own mind about his analyses. Through the ideas of Radical Norse Paganism Smith not only develops a modern path for heathenism that liberates it from antiquarianisms, he also forges a path into Norse heathenism that lets you engage with our mythology regardless of your heritage, and provides a guide for navigating away from the ethnocentric uses of our tradition. In that way, Smith has demonstrated that Norse heathenism is truly a part of a global culture that can find its expression anywhere in the world, through anyone who so chooses."—Mathias Nordvig, Scandinavian Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

"An incredible read for the faithful and the curious alike, The Way of Fire and Ice brings to life ideals and traditions of ancient times and makes them tangible today. Empowering and dedicated."—Richard "Lord Gaylord" Weeks of Blackened Death Records


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