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The Power of Archetypes by Marie D. Jones
The Power of Archetypes by Marie D. Jones

The Power of Archetypes
How to Use Universal Symbols to Understand Your Behavior and Reprogram Your Subconscious
by Marie D. Jones

Deep within your mind is a realm filled with powerful symbols that drive your thoughts, behaviors, and actions—often without your knowledge. This is the hidden world of “archetypes”: universal symbols responsible for who you are, how the world sees you, and what you believe about yourself and your life’s purpose.

The Power of Archetypes will help you identify, understand, and work with the archetypes that exist beyond your conscious awareness to create your reality “behind the scenes.” You will also learn how to clear out old symbols that may be blocking you from the happiness and success you dream of. You will examine:


  • The roles of the subconscious and collective unconscious in shaping your identity, and why it is so hard to change “you.”
  • The most common archetypes and what they symbolize.
  • Global archetypes in religion, politics, and pop culture, and how they affect you.
  • Ways to identify archetypes working in your life and the skills to change them and become more authentic.

    Archetypes reveal your plot and your purpose. The good news is, if you don’t like them, you can choose more empowering symbols to create a completely new story of your life.
    Marie D. Jones has an extensive background in metaphysics, cutting edge science and the paranormal. She currently serves as a Consultant and Director of Special Projects for ARPAST, the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team, where she works with ARPAST President and co-author Larry Flaxman to develop theories that can tested in the field. Marie has been featured on the History Channel’s “Nostradamus Effect” series, and served as a special UFO/abduction consultant for the 2009 Universal Pictures science fiction movie, “The Fourth Kind".

  • Book (Paperback)
    New Page Books
    6 x 9
    224 pages
    July 24, 2017



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