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The Magic Candle by Charmaine Dey
The Magic Candle by Charmaine DeyThe Magic Candle by Charmaine DeyThe Magic Candle by Charmaine Dey
This is an excellent introduction to the basics of candle magic. Ms. Dey has written what I consider a "classic" on the topic. Her approach is free of the overtly religious overtones that mar other works on the subject, and she goes out of her way to encourage you to experiment and find your own creative approach. She skillfully handles topics like color symbolism and the planetary energies, giving short, but pithy descriptions of how they work. In fact, the only thing "wrong" with this book is how short it is. I found myself wishing she'd written more, or perhaps another book. On the other hand, she gives you most of what you need, and it's up to you to "connect the dots." The books brevity belies its depth, but if you take the time to absorb its content, I think you'll find it richly rewarding.

Paperback: 64 pages Publisher: Original Publications (June 1, 1982)

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