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Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses By Robert Laremy
Spiritual Cleansings and Psychic Defenses By Robert Laremy
Psychic attacks are real and the effects can be devastating to the victim. Negative vibrations can be as harmful as bacteria, germs and viruses. There are time honored methods of fighting these insidious and pernicious agents of distress. These techniques are described in this book and they can be applied by you. No special training or supernatural powers are needed to successfully employ these remedies. All the procedures described in this book are safe and effective, following the instructions without the slightest deviation. The cleansings provided are intended as "over-the-counter" prescriptions to be used by anyone being victimized by these agents of chaos.

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By "anaise20" on February 15, 2002

I love the book, it teaches you how to protect yourself and the ones you love. the author is very honest in his writing and as soon as you open the book you could tell he knows what he's talking about from experience, another great book I recommend by the same author is Complete Book Of Bath's I have it and its been a Blessing GREAT JOB Robert Laremy you are worth you're weight in gold.

Paperback: 107 pages

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.4 inches

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