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Choose Your Runes!


So you want to learn therunes but don't know where to start? Here are a few tips for selecting yourfirst set and a process for how to learn the alphabet of divination!


It is best to start withrunes made of wood, bone, or resin. I recommend bone and wood above resin, fortheir natural qualities. When I want to leverage Pachamama (Mother Earth)energy and be grounded, I will use wood. Plus, wood sets are easy to ready! Iuse my bone set the most because I use to call in my ancestors for guidance andprotection. 


I also highly recommenda Rune Deck. I use these cards with my stones by spreading the cards out,face-up, and as I pull a rune stone, I place it on the corresponding card. Theimagery of the cards helps me more effectively remember the rune meaning. 


Crystal runes are best touse after becoming familiar with the meanings after using a set describedabove. This is because crystals introduce additional elements and levels ofvibration into your reading. There is nothing wrong with using crystal setsfirst. However, when I started, I found it a little harder to read until Iworked with them solidly for a good month. Also, crystals pick up energy, andthey will require more maintenance from a cleansing perspective. 


Here are some notes onspecific rune sets and their added energies:


Amethyst - Enhances inner sight, supports connections to the higherself. Known to support sobriety. 


Angelite - Promotes awareness and helps to connect to the higherrealm. Encourages living with respect and speak with integrity. Promotescompassion. 


Black Tourmaline - Absorbs and transmutes negative energy. Offers groundingand psychic protection. A good set to have while performing any form of divination.


Bloodstone - Supports grounding. A natural "Go-To" forrunes as this stone promotes your personal power and helps to release fear andsee the truth, which are great qualities for Runes. 


Bone - There are so many interpretations ofbones, but I like using bone because before I cast Runes, I pull in my guidesand ancestors to help me with the reading. There are plenty of crystals thatassist with this, but something about the bone is just a cleaner read. 


Citrine -Prosperity, abundance, & creativity. Encourages generosity. For runes, Ilike to use citrine for questions of abundance, "being stuck," andmoney. 


Emerald -Great for activating the heart chakra, which is a good practice duringdivination (opening the heart). Emerald supports success, unity, increasespositivity. 


Hematite - Absorbs negative energy. Calming andgrounding. Detoxifies and steadily balances energy.


Jasper(Red) -Grounding. Works with expression and creativity. This stone helps withself-realization and helps to bring mastery. I like red jasper for runes bestof all the jaspers because they are easier to read and they are supportive asyou are learning. 


Labradorite - A high vibration stone, solid crystal for divination,probably #2 only to obsidian. Tunes psychic energy, assists in cleansing youraura. *This is my favorite set* 


LapisLazuli -Helps you connect with spiritual and higher wisdom, as well as owning andspeaking one's truth. 

Moonstone - Assists in communication with theDivine. Supports manifestation and increases psychic abilities. 


Palo Santo - A personal favorite because I do a lot of Shamanic work.It will make it easier to reach a deeper connection to your inner self, whileincreasing concentration and strengthening the bond with the earth. 


PoplarWood -According to the Celtic code of symbolic trees, the poplar is associated withvictory, transformation and vision. I always recommend getting a Wooden andBone set to start on. 


Quartz - Provides protection. Healer thatcleanses other crystals and amplifies their energies. 


Rose Quartz - Emotional healing. Strengthens inner peace and calm.Promotes joy. Known as the "Stone of Love." I have very good luckpulling runes with Rose Quartz - I think it might be the softness and kindnessit carries.


Smoky Quartz - Increasesvibrational energy. Detoxifies and helps to release and cut ties.


Sodalite - Promotes truthand integrity. Promotes psychic abilities, increases intuition and creativity. 


Sunstone - Promotes positive energy and optimism.Helps to change negative thoughts to positive ones. Strengthens runic readingsand affirmations. Great for rune pulls on thy self. 


Tigers Eye - Provides raw energy and strong protection qualities.Enhances willpower and motivation. This set is helpful when you needinformation on a topic you need immediate answers to or if a different set isused, but the answer is vague, then I bring in the Tigers Eye to cleanhouse! 

~ Kristine "Little Fox"


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