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Clearing Energy with Clear Quartz Vogels

Vogel Crystals are Clear Quartz Crystals that are carefully cut in conformance to the findings and teachings of Marcel Vogel (1917-1991). 

Clear Quartz Crystal 24-sided Cut Vogel

Clear Quartz Crystal Vogels are primarily used by healing practitioners and shamans. There are 24 sides to these pieces of art. There is a large end and a small end to identify where the top of the wand is. Place the Vogel in your hand, the large end to the right, and the small end to the left. You will do a scooping motion for energy extraction. It is used to take energy from one object and move it somewhere else. 

Make sure that you first envision a place to put the cleared energy so that it leaves your space/environment. I often imagine a beautifully engraved chest and when it’s open all you see is beautiful white light that will absorb the negative energy and transform it.  

Clear Quartz Crystal 24-sided cut Vogel

The Steps

1. Use Selenite to form a circle of white light around you
2. Call in the directions (Optional)
3. Imagine a ball of white light surrounding you
4. Hold the Vogel in the middle of your hand (Large End to the right)
5. Open your negative energy container
6. State that you want this container to send this negative energy to the center of the earth to be transmuted into pure positive energy
7. Call in your guides and the guides of your client if applicable
State: Please Guide My Hand and help me see what needs to be removed.
8. When working on yourself, hold the wand and scan your body. With a client have them lay on a table and then scan them with the Vogel starting at the top of the head.
9. When you feel a warm or hot sensation this means there is held up energy that needs to be extracted.
10. Use your senses to isolate the warm feeling and ensure your portal is open.
11. Move the Vogel in your hand around in a clockwise motion once it starts warming up to pinpoint the spot.
12. Begin to scoop the energy with the large end and send the energy to the container with the small end.
13. Do this until your guides or your intuition tells you that you have moved the energy
14. Circle your hand and Vogel over the section of the body and call in White Light to replace that negative energy
**Note: You or the client should feel a shift**
15. Say a prayer and thank your guides and close your container
16. Scan one more time to see if anything remains. If yes, continue and open your container once you are ready.

Our Vogels
are around 2 ounces each and measure at 4 inches. The circumference of the top is roughly 2.75 inches.

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