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Manifestation Ring - Insight - Phantom Quartz
Manifestation Ring - Insight - Phantom QuartzManifestation Ring - Insight - Phantom Quartz

Manifestation rings are comprised of an adjustable ring and a crystal with a drilled hole.

:: Instructions::

Set an intention upon your ring. As the ring becomes more and more a part of you, and when you find yourself playing with it, try to reemphasize what the intention is for that ring. The belief is that when the ring breaks or the crystal separates from the metal you will have your "Sign". At this point, you want to leverage the drill hole in the bead itself. Turn it into a bracelet or hang it from a string on your rear-view mirror. Each time you reset that intention/wish, the harder that energy will work for you. 

Each crystal has its own strengths, so it's recommended your intention complements the crystal.


:: Details :: 

Phantom Quartz is a variety of Quartz, or "rock crystal", that forms over pre-existing crystals. ... Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms. Phantom Quartz has been found in Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States. An outline of the shape of a smaller crystal that is visible inside a crystal is called a ghost or a phantom.
There are two possible causes:

  • Minerals have precipitated on the crystal for a short time during crystal growth and have later been embedded in the growing crystal. If minerals precipitate several times during growth, one can see several stacked phantoms, much like Russian Matroska puppets. The phantom is often very faint and ghost-like. This is the classical definition of a phantom.
  • Growth conditions that led to the inclusion of colorizing trace elements or minerals have changed. It is not uncommon to find Clear Quartz with a Milky Quartz Phantom. Other examples would be a Smoky Quartz Phantom inside a colorless rock crystal or thin zones of Amethyst coloration that are parallel to the rhombohedral faces.

The Phantom Quartz crystal is an operative aura cleanser. It’ll dispel the negative energies, which linger in the personal auric fields you have. Not only that, but it’ll also get rid of any negative thoughts or emotions, which is averting the positive flow of the energies in life.

Moreover, the healing energies of the Phantom Quartz crystal may give you clarity, strength, and inspiration. It’ll also provide you insight and support. The Phantom Quartz crystal may also work on increasing the spiritual development.

The name that it has actually come from the certain structure of the crystallization of the Phantom Quartz crystal. Each of the crystals manifests the plans of some other smaller crystals that are known as the phantoms. The phantoms are made when a certain crystal growth is being interrupted and then starts to form once again.

Keywords: Cleansing Aura, Insight, spiritual development
Element: All
Chakras: All

 **Note - When you pick your crystal/metal combo, then a ring will be selected for you by Little Fox

Details: Adjustable Brass Pad Ring Settings, Flat Round, Silver, Tray: 10mm; 18mm

crystal is 15 x 20 mm random Specimen


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