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Sacred Hrebs of Samhain by Ellen Evert Hopman
Sacred Hrebs of Samhain by Ellen Evert Hopman

Plants to Contact Spirits of the Dead


Presenting a practical guide to the sacred herbs and trees of Samhain, Ellen Evert Hopman details the identification, harvest, and use of more than 70 plants and trees in healing, divination, purification, magic, and as tools for contacting the Spirits wandering the landscape at this liminal time of year. She explores the most effective plants for protection from the mischief of the 'Good Neighbors,' the Sidhe or Fairies, as well as herbs for releasing the Dead when they are trapped on this plane.


Identifying visionary plants used to induce ecstatic trance, Hopman explores how herbs have been used for millennia to aid in psychic travel and shamanic work and shows how one might safely use plants to take a voyage to the Otherworld. Drawing on her knowledge as a master herbalist, she also includes cautions to prevent harm and misidentification, along with advice on basic etiquette and common sense approaches to herb magic.


A 6" x 9" softcover book with 216 pages.


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