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21 Divisions, Dominican Voodoo by Hector Salva
21 Divisions, Dominican Voodoo by Hector Salva

Like all forms of Caribbean Voodoo, practitioners of the 21 Divisions believe in one God, a distant God that doesn't get involved in human affairs. Followers of this Dominican spiritual tradition believe that God created intermediaries to help humans, beings known as Los Misterios. The Misterios are powerful beings with rulership and dominion over universal forces and human conditions. Practitioners of the 21 Divisions have ways of connecting with the Misterios to achieve success in life, improve their careers, resolve love and relationship issues, heal illness, and much more. Filled with detailed insider information and real stories of healing, magic, and mystery, this book will serve as an illuminating guide to the 21 Divisions. Hector Salva is one of the foremost authorities on the practice of the 21 Divisions.

A 5.9" x 8.9" Paperback book with 240 pages.


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